Gary Savage

Gary is a 1st Degree Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black belt under Mario Sukata. He is a former BJJ European champion and has fought in MMA and BJJ tournaments during his competitive career. Gary oversees the running of the BJJ and MMA programs at the academy and assists Mario in teaching the evening classes.

Richard Tingey

Rick is a brown belt in Kick Boxing and has trained extensively under Andy Brownbridge in K1. Rick is the assistant Kick Boxing coach and undertakes the inductions for this class. Rick has travelled far and wide to Thai Boxing events and is well known on the circuit. @ ITC gym Rick oversees the sponsorship deals for the gym and is active in getting our fight team ready for competitions.

Kevin Fryer

A former PTI in the Parachute regiment, Kevin is our strength and conditioning coach. He is has held championship belts in semi pro MMA and has recently turned pro. Kevin offers classes in MMA fitness and Military fitness and gives advice about weight loss and nutrition.

Andy Brownbridge

With over 30 years as a Black belt, Andy brings a wealth of experience to the ITC coaching team. Andy is the head striking coach, having trained in Muay Thai and kickboxing to instructor level.

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